ELDs are way too expensive for me

Unlike some companies, Simple Truck ELD offers a simple solution- we don’t charge you for hardware, there are no installation or setup fees, and there are no penalties if you decide to cancel. Our flexible subscription services start at $19/month and give you the power to choose exactly the length of service you need for the right price.

ELDs will put owner operators out of business

Simple Truck ELD is making it easier for owner operators and small fleets to stay compliant without having to pay for expensive systems. Our ELD solution is affordable for every driver with our subscription service plan. You only need to have a working smartphone or tablet along with the device that WE provide- no extra hardware, no fleet management software, no extra money. You get exactly what you pay for, so you stay on budget.

ELDs will shut down trucks remotely

There is nothing stated in the ELD mandate about providing any requirement to control the vehicle. Some companies might include this as an added feature, but Simple Truck ELD believes in keeping drivers safe and on the road. Our services will not include a kill switch, block your starter, cut off fuel lines, reduce acceleration, apply the brakes, or include any kind of technology on our device that keeps you from doing what you do best- driving!

ELDs send my information directly to law enforcement

ELDs are not connected to law enforcement, and if an officer pulls you over, they do not automatically have that information. The Simple Truck ELD app makes it easier for you to stay compliant- show them the app displayed on your smartphone or tablet just as you would have showed them your paper logs. If you do not wish to hand over your personal phone or tablet, you can opt to provide officials with a code so they can view your logs via a private web server.

ELDs automatically report driving violations

There is nothing in the ELD mandate about automatically transmitting data to safety officials. An ELD could make it easier for an official to see a violation of Hours of Service regulations, but it’s not automatically sent.

ELDs will interfere with my driving and bring my performance down

ELDs require very little driver interaction on the road- once you’re logged into the app, you drive...we log! The automatic prompts will let you know if you’re coming up on a possible violation, but nothing needs to be done to the screen while you’re actually driving- we want to keep you safe. Because it eliminates the stops you would make to fill out a paper log, this saves you up to 18 hours a year, letting you get back on the road. It also makes roadside inspections pass much more quickly- show them your Simple Truck ELD app and get back to driving! You’ll be able to stay focused on the drive and less on the logging, since we do it for you, meaning there’s nothing interfering with your performance.